Sony’s PS4 Dominates Microsoft’s Xbox One on All Angles

There are a few reasons why Sony’s PS4 dominates Microsoft’s Xbox One on all angles which we found via “The Gamer Access“, Microsoft had on its minds that digital distribution was the way forward; give them credit where due as they have sold many consoles but there is more to it than that.

Microsoft and Toshiba struck a deal to add an external HD-DVD player to their Xbox which was madness considering it was not a proven format. Toshiba did not do too well when it came to HD-DVD players because Sony’s high definition Blu-ray format which we all know too well put HD-DVD in the trash. HD-DVD sales slowed up to put Blu-ray on the PlayStation 3 up on sales.

Microsoft knew that HD-DVD wasn’t a proven format and this is why they did not add it to its gaming console, yes come on they knew Blu-ray holds more space and supports more audio formats amongst many other things, dead format/wasted money. For some reason Microsoft had it in their minds that our moving generation was all about digital distribution. Sony are in the line of domination and thanks to their recent announcement of fully fledged games on the PlayStation Network (PSN), Sony already have its digital distribution goodies such as Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Socom Confrontation, Warhawk and Burnout Paradise. One step, two steps ahead of Microsoft so far we believe.

PS4 vs Xbox One

Oh must mention the Blu-ray sales are still on the up which will smash records, here is a question for you “Is Microsoft stuck in a corner fearing that Sony could take over digital distribution? Got to say though, Microsoft have a signed agreement with Netflix and they do have the likes of arcade games on Xbox Live but Sony do have the likes of PSN games and a video store.

Our Views: Microsoft really need to look over their shoulders as much as possible because Sony will really be the ones that should dominate when it comes to the PS4 and Xbox One sales battle, Sony will have bigger blockbuster titles and new things that will blow you away.

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