Why Use Potassium in Water Softener?


Most of the water softening salt that you will find in a supermarket or at a gas station, which is also known by the name is Solar salt, is one of the most prevalent forms of water softener salt. Also, in case you have been looking for an alternative to “Solar salt”, you can make use of sodium chloride of potassium chloride which is also available under the name of K-Life as well as Morton in some areas.

Both of this sodium and potassium chloride based water softener salts work on the same principle. When you pass the hard water through a water softener or when you mix the water softener salt with hard water, ion exchange process takes place. Either of the potassium or sodium salt will replace the magnesium and calcium ions from the hard water, thus your water becomes free from a chemical that makes it hard and less usable. Information review source:

Information review source: watersoftenerguide.com.

Performance Difference?

The point of view we have here is that the user is using water softener mainly to remove hardness from water and can afford normal dosage of sodium in their daily diet as using too much sodium in water, and that too daily can be harmful to your health in the long run.

However, a Sodium chloride water softener salt is much efficient when compared to potassium chloride one. You might even have to use 30% more potassium than normal in order to achieve the same result that you got from sodium chloride water softener salt.

Also, there is not much difference in price of both the salts. You also don’t have to pay much for these salts. The average cost of potassium chloride salt bag is around $27, while the average cost of sodium chloride water softener salt bag is around $6 only.

It is mainly because of the high cost of Potassium chloride water softener salt that it is not recommended to the normal consumers. While you can get even better performance at much cheap cost by using Sodium Chloride water softener salt. The intake of potassium is generally recommended over intake of sodium in excessive quantity. Still, it won’t cause you much of a harm. And in case you are lacking potassium in your body, it would be stupid to look at such an alternative in order to fulfil the deficiency of that mineral.  You can easily get a lot of potassium rich food in order to do so, which is of Couse way better idea than the previous one. Buy our expert suggested Fleck 5600SXT product. check watersoftenerguide.com to know about review and product info.


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