Does MGS4 freeze your PS3? Metal Gear Solid 4 Problems

A member of the EuroGamer forum put their point across which was about MGS4 freezing, they said that they bought the 80 GB MGS4 bundle in USA but they live in the UK, forum member called “magikdodo” said that whilst playing against screaming mantis when entering the drebins shop to get some ammo magikdodo could not exit the start menu, so the only option was to try and quit the game and then a message popped up on the screen saying ‘please wait’, I had to restart the PS3.

magikdodo carried on to say that hours later magikdodo finally got through to where Snake is at the graveyard when the disc icon with a question mark shows up at the upper LHS of my TV. magikdodo has stopped playing now and does not have any other games to try on the Sony PS3, magikdodo wants to know if anyone else is experiencing the same problem, magikdodo also said that if the PS3 dies I am screwed as I do not have no warranty cover.

So readers please help magikdodo, Does MGS4 freeze your PS3?

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