Sony Playstation 4 hitting market soon: Futuristic Head View Headset

Great news Sony Playstation gamers, the all new Playstation 4 is hitting the market soon and we want to blow your mind of what you can expect from the biggest gaming console in the world.

Digital Spy has been at a celebrity bash in London and the O2 Arena where celebrities such as Brooklyn Beckham, Prince Harry, Brooklyn Beckham’s wife Emma Bunton and Jonathan Ross, they were all there to see the all new Sony PS4.

What a machine, the eagerly awaited next-generation gaming console will blow your mind, you will see new motion sensing controls on the new revolutionary console and a stunning PS hand wand that has optional changeable heads, this basically means you can change from say a golf club to a tennis racket and even change it to a steering wheel.

The bit we like the best is that Digital Spy found out about the all new Headview headset, this headset is a helmet that gamers will wear; it covers your eyes and will offer virtual reality experiences. Check out the video below of the PS4.

The PS4 will feature five microprocessors and visual capabilities, this is without a doubt the all new super computer, and price will be £399. For more information please visit Digital Spy.

Oh just so you know the above is for fun, but got you going didn’t it. Sorry about that, we love to tickle your gaming spots.

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