Stuff Live 2008 Event: PS3 games to be sold via vending machines

We attending the Stuff Live 2008 Event on Friday 31 an the Excel Center in London and must say enjoyed it very much, PlayStation 3 booth was there where you could play some of their games (We will talk about these sometime this week.

Today is all about “PoP”, if you like PS3 games, spending all your cash and like vending machines then you will like the following.

Who would have thought that vending machines that sell PS3 games would ever happen, well it has. Sony and Universal Pictures will manufacture and distribute “PoP Instant Entertainment 24/7″ vending machines across the U.K. these new vending machines will allow you to purchase PS3 games, media downloads, DVDs and Blu-rays.

They are planning on having 150 movies available like Mama Mia, Hellboy II and many of the new releases. You will get to see trailers before you buy; you will be able to download movies and music directly to MP3 and MP4 players, or even an SD card.

You will start to see these new machines in travel stations, theaters, universities, gyms and several of other places. What do you think of these new vending machines?

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